so i ran faster but it caught me here

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I’ve been playing around making shoe jewelry like the awesome stuff on litter sf – cut up some studded bracelets from Wet Seal and attached them to chains from the craft store. I need to add more chain that will go underneath the shoes for high-heels, but I decided to wear what I had tonight with flats. Love them! I walked a decent bit and they stayed in place, weren’t irritating…good test run.

shoe jewelry flats

Speaking of litter sf, look at this amazing ish they’ve come up with…

litter sf necklace front
litter sf necklace side
litter sf necklace back


Some fun stuff I’ve acquired lately…I already gloated about the silver sequined jacket but here’s a daytime pic

sequin jacket day

Other things thrifted that day…this brown velvet vest. It has a lot of buttons and I didn’t feel like doing them all up for the photo – it’s double-breasted

brown velvet vest front

I love the very long satin sash that ties in the back into a big bow

brown velvet vest back

Also found a cute long-sleeved henley t-shirt that has shiny things for buttons and metallic trim…it didn’t photograph well

sparkle henley detail

And I found an interesting dress at Walmart a few days ago – it has lots of layers, is linen, and was $9! I plan to wear it as a jumper of sorts, over a long-sleeved black t-shirt, because my arms are fat. Anyway, here it is wrinkled and on the hanger…front

linen walmart dress front

…and back

linen walmart dress back

Ok, gorgeous-things-I-can-afford for once

lulus navy hoodie dress front
lulus navy hoodie dress back
from lulus

queens grommet ankle heels
from Queens Wardrobe

I guess that’s it for tonight – I’m up to my ears in schoolwork.

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all that glitters

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Did some thrifting today…I hadn’t been going to Savers, the “thrift department store” much lately because I feel like their clothes tend to be kind of boring and a little overpriced for second-hand, but I stopped by there today and am glad I did. I’ve been looking all over for a couple of months for a sequined jacket of some kind and haven’t found the right one at the right price. But I found it today at Savers! I love the shape, the color (sequins are silver, not black like it looks in the pic), it was my size, in practically mint condition, and $7.00! This picture isn’t great because I took it at night, I’ll take a better one tomorrow along with the other pieces I bought today, but here’s an idea of what it looks like…

sequin jacket

I LOVE it! The cut is perfect, it even has a little mesh in the shoulders that gives it the slightly prominent shoulder look that is so right for the moment without being over-the-top Dynasty shoulderpads. I just have to replace the single large snap that fastens in the front and it’s good to go!

It was in the section with all the Halloween costumes, LOL. Should I be concerned that I’m buying clothes to wear every day that others classify as a costume? 😛 Actually, though, Halloween IS a great time in retail for a lot of things I love: black nail polish and lipstick, crazy fake lashes, and I love skulls, skeletons, pumpkins, black cats, creepy trees…it’s not only my favorite holiday, it’s a lot of my favorite year-round loves.

Went shopping at Target yesterday with a friend and bought (in the dollar bins) the cutest little flashlight…it has these little filters that you put over the light

halloween flashlight

So when you shine it, you get this!

halloween flashlight cat

So cute! Why do I need this? No idea. I also bought this great mask at the grocery store the other day – I often dress up as a black cat for Halloween but usually just use black makeup to paint on a nose and whiskers…but I couldn’t resist this for $5.00.

cat mask

Not sure if the picture shows that it is velvet-like with feathers and black rhinestones and silver cord around the eyes…so fabulous. I’m having a hard time not buying TONS more stuff, especially all the cool skull stuff. Must. Use. Restraint.

I bought a garter belt at Walmart today – I’m not actually trying to do some sexy thing with this, I just have sort of skinny legs and thigh high stockings never stay up on me, so I wanted something to keep them in place. The one I found is cute, though, it’s styled like a mini (very mini) skirt instead of the traditional style

garter belt

For $10.00, that’ll work.

The gorgeous-things-I-can’t-afford file for tonight…this “black apartment” – totally not my home style (as much as I love black for clothing, I don’t want to live in a super-black environment) but it’s really fabulous

black apartment library
black apartment shoe wall

More photos of it here.

Things-I-can-afford, these harness boots from Target that are leather and on sale for $39.99 this week

target harness boots

They look good in person, too, I saw them yesterday. I can’t decide if I need them or not, as I have a very similar pair of boots without the strap/buckle thing.

DIY ideas…

studded skirt
pic from freez

And look at this awesome DIY, from a belt to bondage anklets.

belt to anklet before

belt to anklet after
via clutch22

I die.

That’s it for tonight. Thanks for reading.

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when the days get shorter and the nights get long

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Today’s outfit…pretty simple

ootd 9-23-09 1

Norma Kamali for Walmart cargos, Old Navy blouse, Forever 21 jacket, Old Navy ballet flats.

Onto gorgeous-things-I-can’t-afford – Patrik Rzepski has put out an amazing collection for Spring/Summer 2010. He’s 20 years old! I just LOVE these looks…

rzepski chain vest
rzepski dress stockings
rzepski satin trousers

Other things – this image seems to be on every fashion blog today and I can see why…she just looks so damn good and I wish I was ballsy enough to wear a huge white t-shirt with leggings

teeshirt as dress garance dore
I lifted it from Garance Dore

In things-I-can-afford, I had completely forgotten about until today – I think I’m going to get these

15$ cross sneakers

Cat is doing well, weather has turned into what we call “fall” in the desert which = not disgustingly hot anymore. These are good things.

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the structure is set ya never change it with a ballot pull

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I’m watching the cutest new (I guess?) version of Little House on The Prairie right now – it’s running as a marathon tonight on the Hallmark Channel. It’s really well done. I was so obsessed with those books (and the TV show with Melissa Gilbert) as a child. It’s crazy watching this show, though – I remember thinking when I was young that it would be so FUN to grow up like Laura Ingalls Wilder but watching this show now it seems like their life was so damn HARD, especially for the adults. Still, there’s something so cool about packing your family and everything you own into a wagon and starting a new life for yourselves where you make everything from scratch. I couldn’t do it.

Yesterday I wore that long dress/vest thing by Norma Kamali for Walmart. I think I like it. Wore it over a white beater and leggings with ballet flats. Took pics kind of late so the lighting wasn’t great (yes, I still haven’t even taken the tripod out of the box)

ootd 9-5-09 1

I took one against a white background trying to show the hemline a little better

ootd 9-5-09 2

I wore that leaf necklace from forever 21 again and everywhere I went people complimented it

leaf bib necklace

Got some fixins from the craft store to try to make some shoe jewelry ala litter sf…I think it’s going to turn out cool. There is so much fun stuff at the craft stores to make into things. Cool Halloween stuff out now, too – I love pumpkins and skeletons and autumn leaves and candy corn and all that autumn stuff. Now if it would stop being a million degrees here sometime soon…

Remember that Alexander McQueen clutch I posted a while ago here? Well, there’s a jewelry version – ahhhhh, why do gorgeous things like this have to be completely priced out of my reach and impossible to replicate!

mcqueen knuckle ring 1 withasianstereotypesmcqueen knuckle ring 2 withasianstereotypes
pics from withasianstereotypes, which is incidentally one of my favorite blogs

I can’t even seem to find an affordable two or three finger ring or “brass knuckle” style ring that comes in small enough ring sizes for my fingers. Boo. Okay, I’m done pouting now.

On to the important things in life…I was holding my cat in my arms last night and she had her paw draped over my wrist and it was so cute – she does that all the time – that I snapped a pic

marcella paw

She. Kills. Me. 🙂

Thanks for reading! Lots of new readers lately, I love it! Special welcome to those who come from the place I cannot mention, lest I break the First Rule…you know who you are. I love comments, too.

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i don’t know when i got bitter

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School, work, coaxing an old cat to eat…not cleaning my very messy house: GOAL OF THE WEEKEND.

Yesterday I wore a sheer little tunic with floaty sleeves and panels from Target last spring…

angel tunic 1

Over a forever 21 black beater, with old skinnies from TJ Maxx and old velvet quilted ballet flats from Old Navy. I had on a multiple chain bracelet that I got at forever 21 and really like the chains, but the bracelet was really irritating to wear. I took it off in class and was playing with it, and starting having visions of dismantling it and using it with some leather studded bracelets to make shoe jewelry ala litter sf like the ones I posted a picture of here. Stay tuned!

I’m always taking these pics in the mirror in my front hall closet, which is where I always walk in the front door and kick off my shoes, drop my bag, etc…why it’s so cluttered. The pillow lying in the background is kitty’s bed.

BUT tonight I got home to find my tripod had arrived in the post so as soon as I learn to use it and my camera timer, there will be REAL outfit photos on here! Second goal of the weekend.

I was wearing a vintage locket on a long chain that I got off ebay a couple years ago…


And my longtime favorite skull earrings, also from ebay about 4 years ago, that I wear wayyy too often…

skull earring

I love them because the mandibles actually work.

Today I’m wearing my “boyfriend” jeans that I thrifted and distressed

ootd 9-2-09 1

I can’t decide if they need a little more distressing but I’ll leave them for now. With a satin asymmetrical collar blouse that I got post-Christmas at Walmart and haven’t worn yet – I like it!

ootd 9-2-09 3

Payless strappy heels and a zipper bow necklace from Wet Seal

ootd 9-2-09 2

Some inspirations I’ve come across lately…

These gloves are amazing
nail gloves dirty flaws
from dirty flaws

My jaw literally dropped when I saw these – sick.
stella mccartney perforated boots
Stella McCartney, via net-a-porter

For those of us who are on a non-Stella-McCartney-friendly-budget, I found these boots online today…

payless abaete booties

Abaete for Payless and $50…think I may be ordering those.

Alright, off to get some actual schoolwork done.

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the king is dead and long live the people who aim above

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More school, back to work. I’m going to drop a class and only take 3 classes this semester. It won’t put me behind because I already have taken some of the core classes for this program, and I want to make sure I don’t get overwhelmed in my first semester in this program. I really want to have a great GPA. So I feel a little more relaxed having decided that.

Had been cooking at home the past couple of days. I found this frozen complete paella thing in the seafood section of my favorite natural foods store…

paella box

Just heat and eat…

paella bowl

It actually wasn’t very good, which I suppose shouldn’t surprise me. I ate some and then gave the rest to my dad who had stopped by to fix my broken sink disposal. He liked it.

So for lunch I had my favorite: crackers, Laughing Cow cheese, and cucumbers which I can’t get enough of lately.

crackers cheese boxes
crackers cheese

Topped with cucumber slices and a few shakes of sea salt and pepper…

crackers cheese cukes

Before work I threw together a random “soup” – mushroom broth, mushroom veggie “meatballs” and spinach. Not bad.

veg meatball soup

I was wearing my new ruffly Norma Kamali for Walmart blouse with an old pair of cargo shorts and Minnetonka fringe moccasin boots.

ootd 08-26-09
fringe mocassins

Today I thawed some veggie curry that I made a while ago and has been in the freezer. It was really good, I wish I remembered what recipe I used to make it! Two more bags in the freezer so this will appear again. I had it over this Trader Joe’s pilaf which is also super yum…

tjs pilaf

veg curry

Later, I wanted a BLT but had no bread so I made BLT rollups with romaine hearts…kind of sucky, actually. Turkey bacon is lame, I’m not buying it again.


On to gorgeous things I’m lusting after…

I need to learn how to put grommets in things and make my own version of these from some cut up thrift store boots

corset heels
from free people

and these leggings by Black Milk

corset leggings
seen on the lovely blogger at Kingdom of Style

Look at these ridiculously fierce chain shoes

linked heels
pic from dirty flaws

I’m in love with this look and pretty much everything else from complexgeometries

complex wrap

And finally this knotted vest…

knotted vest

and tucked shift…

tucked shift
both by mono and sold at stand up comedy

*Sigh* Alas, I have no money right now so can only drool over such things. 🙂

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give beets a chance

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First things first – this is the coolest website I’ve seen in a while: VISUWORDS, the online graphical dictionary, which doesn’t describe nearly how cool it is. Check it out. Totally safe for work. children, everyone. Just keep hitting the random button if you don’t have something specific in mind to look up.

Went to my second class today – all about financial management and budgeting (yesterday’s was about administration) in healthcare. Looks interesting. There’s a ton of group work in this program, where there was hardly any in my old department. I expected it, but it’s still different. Got into a group in the class today with a couple of girls who I was in a group with in another class a year ago, so at least I know they are smart and pull their weight.

Dropped a ton of money on textbooks today, ugh. That’s another big change in this college – they use pricey, big hardcover textbooks whereas my old department tended to use lots of paperbacks that could be gotten cheaply online. Again, I expected this and was actually able to find some of my books online so I came in a couple hundred dollars cheaper than I had loosely budgeted but still…

Ah, well, as the guy at the bookstore said, “school is one of the few things worth going into debt for” and I agree.

Cleaned house a bit today so it’s not quite the squalor it was before. Yay for clean floors. Dad is coming over tomorrow to fix my sink disposal which has suddenly stopped working altogether. It will be nice to have everything fixed and clean and shiny.

I wasn’t thrilled with my outfit today but it was one of those ugh-nothing-looks-good days and after three clothing changes I decided it was ridiculous to spend this much time on an outfit for one class on a campus where the vast majority of students are wearing t-shirts and flip-flops anyway. So this is what I had on, and this is what I went with.

ootd 8-25-09 1

Silky tunic from Walmart last spring, skinny jeans that are at least 5 years old from TJ Maxx, patent booties from Payless last fall.

I wore my armor ring for the first time, too
armor ring on

I roasted beets this morning. I have shown my roasted beet salads on here before, but I haven’t gone into detail. Fresh, roasted beets are a completely different animal than the canned or pickled beets you might have grown up with or had from salad bars. You should try them. They are super easy to make, taste delicious, and pack a nutritional powerpunch…look at this

beet nutrients

Chart is from World’s Healthiest Foods and there is lots more info at that link.

So, preparing beets – preheat your oven to 400 degrees. Top & tail the beets but don’t peel them. Wrap each one individually in aluminum foil, loosely, but sealed on all edges. Put them on a baking sheet (I’ve actually even just placed them on the oven rack) and bake for 45-60 minutes. Let them cool (even overnight in the fridge is fine). When they’re cooled, remove the foil and you can easily peel them by just pushing the skin off with your fingers – however – unless you want pink hands and fingers for a few days, wear latex gloves while doing so. I found today, though, when I realized I was out of gloves, that putting sandwich bags over my hands worked equally well!

And then eat! So yum. My favorite way is in a salad – spinach, beets, red onion, black olives, garbanzo beans, walnuts, and goat, gorgonzola, or bleu cheese crumbles – with balsamic vinaigrette. That’s is what I had today.

spinach beet salad

Good with chicken or your protein of choice, too – I had some fish on the side which I forgot to photograph.

I want this sweater from Victoria’s Secret

vs sweater blazer

I had other things, pretty pictures, to show – but I’m too tired. Night.

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